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About Jeremy Iverson

Hi, I'm Jeremy Iverson, a co-founder and partner at Colectica. We make software that lets you document your statistical data using open standards.

Enabling Visual Studio Intellisense for Colectica SDK

Colectica SDK lets you easily work with the DDI data documentation standard in C#. A helpful way to learn about the different parts of the SDK is to use Visual Studio’s Intellisense. In order for Intellisense to know about Colectica … Continue reading

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Translating Colectica

Colectica has always allowed folks to create metadata in multiple languages, but the user interface itself has so far been limited to English. Naturally, many of our customers would prefer to use the software in their native language. The Colectica … Continue reading

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DDI Workshop in Budapest

For the past year or so we’ve been advising on a German project to develop some data documentation tools for folks working with employment data. As part of the project, last month we went to Budapest to conduct a training … Continue reading

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WPF DataGrid and the Backspace Character

Colectica uses the DataGrid throughout its user interface for displaying editable lists. Today, while editing some metadata, I wanted to remove the text in a particular column for many rows. This is pretty quick if you get into the rhythm … Continue reading

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