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Colectica Repository’s Settings API

Colectica Repository and Portal have many settings that can be adjusted by the system administrator. These include settings such as language sort orders, synonyms, item types to display, and appears within configuration. A developer creating Colectica Addins recently asked how … Continue reading

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Colectica Web Services Facade for Third Party Datastores

In an enterprise, there are often numerous data management systems that contain specific data for different domains. These data silos are often difficult to integrate when creating a holistic view of the data life cycle. This post will detail how … Continue reading

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DDI 3 meets RDF and SPARQL with Colectica Repository

With the release of DDI version 3 (DDI Lifecycle), an effort was made to allow reuse and linkages throughout the content model. This created a rich model that allows for reuse and harmonization of metadata items through the use of … Continue reading

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Ranking DDI 3 metadata items in search results

We were recently at UW-Madison to visit with Dr. Barry T Radler and the MIDUS longitudinal survey. We are working with them to document their series of longitudinal studies in DDI 3 to enable the generation of very detailed and … Continue reading

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New Colectica Repository access methods

Colectica Repository is used as both a registry and resolution service for various pieces of identified metadata. Both Colectica Designer and Web communicate with it to perform all of the neat tasks listed on their features pages. Users can communicate … Continue reading

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